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High Accuracy 4-20mA Origin Of Germany E+H TMT85 Temperature Transmitter
High Accuracy 4-20mA Origin Of Germany E+H TMT85 Temperature Transmitter
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  • E+H Temperature transmitter TMT85 Product description Dual-Universal-Input Temperature Transmitter with FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ communication. Easy and standardized communication via FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ H1 Meets the EMC requirements as per NAMUR NE21 and the recommendations of NE89 with regard to temperature transmitters with digital signal processing Straightforward design of measuring points in Ex-areas through FISCO/FNICO conformity in accordance with IEC 600079-27 Safe operation in hazardous areas thanks to international approvals such as - FM IS, NI - CSA IS, NI - ATEX Ex ia, Ex nA for intrinsically safe installation in zone 1 and zone 2 High accuracy through sensor-transmitter matching Reliable operation with sensor monitoring and device hardware fault recognition Several mounting versions and sensor connection combinations Rapid no-tools wiring due to optional spring terminal technology Field of application Temperature transmitter with 2 input channels and FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ protocol for the conversion of different input signals into digital output signals The iTEMP® TMT85 stands out due to signal reliability, long-term stability, high precision and advanced diagnostics (important in critical processes) For the highest level of safety, availability and risk reduction Usable for resistance thermometer (RTD), thermocouple (TC), resistance transmitter (), voltage transmitter (mV) DIN B style transmitter to fit in the smallest terminal heads or in remote housings in accordance with DIN EN 50446 Optional installation in field housings even for use in Ex d areas Mounting bracket pipe or wall for the field housing