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E+H Absolute and gauge pressure transmitter M PMC51with analog electronics or communication Cerabar
E+H Absolute and gauge pressure transmitter M PMC51with analog electronics or communication Cerabar
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  • The Cerabar M pressure transmitter is used for the following measuring tasks: Absolute pressure and gauge pressure measurement in gases, steams or liquids in all areas of process engineering and process measurement technology Level, volume or mass measurements in liquids Process temperatures up to 130C (266F), for a maximum of 60 minutes 150 C (302 F) International usage thanks to a wide range of approvals Measuring Principle Hydrostatic Characteristic Smart and reliable pressure transmitter with capacitive measuring cell and ceramic process isolating diaphragm Ceraphire) Supply / Communication 4 ..20mA HART: 11,5...45V DC Ex ia: 11,5...30V DC PROFIBUS PA/ FOUNDATION Fieldbus: 9..32 V DC (Non Ex) Accuracy Standard 0,15% Platinum 0,075% Long term stability 0,1% of URL/year Process temperature -40C...130C (-40F...266F 150C for 1h (302F for 1h) Ambient temperature -40C...85C (-40F...185F) Measuring range 100mbar...40bar (1.5psi...600psi) Max. overpressure limit 60bar (900psi) Process connection Thread: G1/2...G2, R1/2, MNPT1/2 Flange: DN25...DN80, ASME 1"...4", JIS 10K Hygienic Tri-Clamp DIN11851 DIN11864-1 NEUMO Varivent N SMS DRD Output 4...20 mA 4...20 mA HART PROFIBUS PA FOUNDATION Fieldbus Certificates / Approvals ATEX, FM, CSA, CSA C/US, IEC Ex, TIIS, INMETRO, NEPSI SIL EN10204-3.1 NACE CoC ASME-BPE 3A, EHEDG Marine Options Display PWIS free Specialities SIL 2 according to IEC 61508 Your benefits Very good reproducibility and long-term stability High reference accuracy: up to 0.15%, as PLATINUM version: 0.075% Turn down 100:1 End-to-end modularity for differential pressure, hydrostatics and pressure (Deltabar M - Deltapilot M - Cerabar M), e.g. - replaceable display - universal electronics Easy commissioning without the need for an operating tool Easy and safe menu-guided operation C on-site via display module C via 4 to 20 mA with HART C via PROFIBUS PA C via FOUNDATION Fieldbus. Used for process pressure monitoring up to SIL2, certified to IEC 61508 Edition 2.0 and IEC 61511 by TV NORD