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Rosemount 248 Temperature Transmitter
The Rosemount 248 Temperature Transmitter is designed to meet common Single Point measurement application requirements. This transmitter with HART® protocol can easily be ordered with a variety of sensors (RTDs and thermocouples) and thermowells. The Rosemount 248 is provided in a head mount configuration suitable for installation in a wide variety of connection heads and housings. Additionally, a Rail Mount configuration is also available for rail and rack mountable applications. A PC-programmable interface is available, providing an easy-to-use configuration method from any PC.
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Specifiction Packing
  • Specifications: Key Specifications Digital Accuracy 0.20C (0.36F) or 0.1% of span Ambient Temperature Effect 0.006C/C per 1.0C (1.8F) change in ambient (Pt100 RTD) Stability 0.1% reading or 0.1C (0.18F) for 1 year Input 2-, 3-, and 4-wire RTDs, thermocouple, millivolt, ohm Output Rosemount 248 HART Temperature Transmitter 2-wire, linear with temperature or input on 4-20 mA/HART signal Supply Voltage 12 - 42.2V Supply Voltage 12 - 42.2V in HART Protocol 9 - 32V in FOUNDATION Fieldbus Protocol